For Your Consideration

Facts to Consider

  • Depression and/or anxiety affect over 20 million Americans annually.
  • The estimated economic burden of depression is well north of $55 billion/year.
  • About half of all visits to primary care physicians are due to conditions caused or exacerbated by mental or emotional issues.
  • At work, psychological problems account for well over 60% of absences, 80% of terminations and 90% of industrial accidents.
  • Unscheduled absenteeism costs employers as much as $688/employee/year.
  • Drug/Alcohol-dependent employees incur 300% higher medical costs and benefits.

Questions to Consider

  • What, for example, is the value of preventing one terminated employee from perpetrating an act of violence?
  • What is the value of bolstering a faltering CEO who’s impaired by alcohol abuse, stress or depression?
  • What is the value of offering immediate assistance to a group of bank tellers who have just been robbed at gunpoint?
  • What is the value identifying and treating a doctor or nurse who has developed a dependence on narcotic painkillers?
  • What is the value of retaining a valued senior-staff member whose burnout and stress have brought her to the verge of quitting?

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