The Ease Program EAP

The EASE Program enjoys utilization rates nearly 50% higher than national EAP averages. Employees, even those at the highest levels of our client companies, refer themselves and their loved ones to our counselors.

But ours is not merely an employee benefit. The EASE Program is a valuable work-based tool that is effective in resolving problems before they escalate further. The EAP is based on the truism that even the best employee will occasionally encounter personal problems, which can overwhelm him or her. These problems, if untreated, will soon compromise job performance and, eventually take a toll on that employee’s physical health. The EASE Program provides early intervention and assistance to ameliorate your employees’ personal problems and restore them to their former level of productivity, often before they have developed medical problems that require them to access additional health benefits.

We can customize an EAP to your organization’s specific requirements. We work with you and we design and deliver a customized set of services for you. Because you only pay for what you need, the EASE Program can offer you an extraordinarily robust Program at an exceptionally low price.

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